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Taste the Tradition and Savor the Flavor of Grandma's Coffee House Where every Sip and Bite is a Taste of Home.

Located in the heart of beautiful Keokea, Grandma’s Coffee House has been serving the community for over three decades. Our family-owned business offers homemade food, baked goods, and the best organic coffee around. Come experience the warm and cozy atmosphere that has kept our visitors coming back time and time again.

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7:00am - 2:00pm
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Our Background

Grandma began roasting and blending Maui Organic coffee in 1918.It wasn't long before Grandma's house became the place to go for a cup of coffee and to "talk story".

It is now four generations later and coffee is still in our family. Through the generations, we’ve learned the best natural methods of growing and processing the same Arabica strain of coffee that our great grandparents first cultivated here on Maui. Our coffee is grown without exposure to any chemicals or pesticides, which yields us the finest organic coffee in the world.

Our coffee is grown on the slopes of Haleakala, at an elevation of 3,000 to 3,500 feet. We pick the beans by hand, pulp the cherries, dry the beans naturally in the hot Hawaiian sun, hull the beans, and then roast them right here at Grandma's. All of this is done to attain the highest quality possible for our coffee beans. Our strain of coffee has acquired a very unique flavor and has become one of Hawaii's premier gourmet coffees, available on a limited basis.

Years ago, we decided to incorporate Grandma's original homemade recipes and our exclusive organic coffee into Grandma's Coffee House. We're proud to say that we continue the tradition - people still come to Grandma's to eat, drink, and "talk story".

As we always say, "have a taste of Maui, and enjoy a cup from the end of the rainbow". Aloha and enjoy the coffee,

Alfred J. Franco

"Enjoy A Cup From The End Of The Rainbow"



From the Source

Great!! Authentic local place with home made pies, and baked goods, friendly local service. Must go to on Maui. Here pumpkin bread and local coffee. But they have so much more

CarlandColleen Prince

Here's a great place for home cooked food and really good coffee! After going to see the sunrise this is a great place to go and talk about the trip. Thanks Grandma's!

Todd Naidl

This cute and laid back coffee house serves excellent coffee as well as very tasty baked goods baked on location. I tried the Pineapple-Coconut-Macadamia-muffin and I was not disappointed. My wife tried the Bana-walnut square with brown butter frosting. It was also quite tasty.
There is indoor seating as well as a an outside patio where you can view the neighboring cats and a bit of the rest of the island.
Highly recommend for some relaxation with a good cup of coffee.

Thomas Rindfuss

This is such a surprisingly amazing hole in the wall place, you might just pass through it.
I found out after it's pretty well known.. but coming from Ireland, I had never heard of it...
It doesn't look like much, and easy to pass by... but don't.
The food is exceptional and the staff are super friendly.
Pop in for breakfast... well worth the stop

Deckie G


9232 Kula Hwy, Kula, HI 96790, USA

(808) 878-2140

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